Ninja Feet


U11 - August 16th to 19th 

U13 & U15 - August 23rd to 26th

Southland Leisure Centre


Enhance edge control, stride, transitions and over all skating ability to create a productiveefficient and confident hockey player.


Through innovative, progressive and diverse drill stations designed to challenge your technique, balance, and coordination.


Gain the ability to win more puck races, elude multiple defenders, and keep up with the fastest game on Earth. 

Ninja Feet is not a beginner class!

This camp is designed for motivated athletes looking to learn advanced skating techniques 

2 Ice Times each day

The first ice time will focus solely on Power Skating

The second ice time will focus on puck handling, shooting & passing


Ice times will have 2 groups of 9 skaters and 1 coach to adhere to AHS health and safety guidelines


Elias Hockey is still working with Arenas to solidify a schedule for the Ninja Feet Camp

The website will be updated along with an email to inform you of any new information

$325 + gst